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Picture: Karin Humphreys

Office: PC 408

krh AT mcmaster DOT ca

ext. 23011 (office)
ext. 22853 (lab)

905-529-6225 (fax)


Dr. Karin Humphreys
Ph.D. (University of Illinois)

My research in the Cognitive Science Laboratory looks at the psycholinguistics of language production. Our ability to rapidly and effortlessly transform thoughts into a sequence of meaningful sounds is a remarkable feat, given the incredible complexity of this task.

My lab studies the cognitive processes and architectures that underlie this ability. Of particular interest are cases in which speech goes somehow awry - either in normal speech errors, (slips of the tongue) made on occasion by all speakers (and that can also be experimentally elicited in the laboratory), or in more severe cases of pathological language, such as stuttering. By looking at cases in which language production has gone wrong, we hope to understand how the system works normally.


Picture: Scott Watter

Office: PC 408

watter AT mcmaster DOT ca

ext. 23031 (office)
ext. 22853 (lab)

905-529-6225 (fax)


Dr. Scott Watter
M.B.B.S. (University of Queensland, Australia)

Ph.D. (University of Illinois)

My research program combines behavioural and electrophysiological methods to investigate the functional and neurological framework underlying central information processing and cognitive control in humans. My research focuses on three interrelated issues: central processing limitations in multiple task performance; executive control in working memory; and examining component processes involved in task switching.

I am also involved with several secondary lines of research, where extensions of my primary work in divided attention and cognitive control are being usefully applied to questions in other areas, including visual perception, language production and medical reasoning and decision making.


GRADUATE STUDENTS (past graduate students)

Picture: Peter Jansen  

Peter Jansen (Masters, 3rd year PhD)
jansenpa AT mcmaster DOT ca

Peter's Website

SayWhen Software

Supervisor(s): Dr. S. Watter & Dr. K. Humphreys


Molly Pottruff (Masters, 2nd year PhD)
pottrumm AT mcmaster DOT ca

Molly's Website

I'm interested in which cognitive and perceptual factors influence our assumptions about shared knowledge in written and spoken communication.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Karin Humphreys

Picture: April Lee  

April Lee, M.Sc. (graduated Aug 2009)
leemc AT mcmaster DOT ca


Supervisor(s): Dr. Scott Watter

Picture: Sandra Thomson  

Sandra Thomson (Masters, 2nd year PhD)
thomsosj AT mcmaster DOT ca

My research interests are divided attention and response selection.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Scott Watter

Picture: Johanna Lake  

Johanna Lake (Masters, 3rd year PhD)
lakejk AT mcmaster DOT ca

My research interests include speech errors and learning, language acquisition and production in individuals with autism and the relationship between language and aggression in toddlers.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Karin Humphreys

Picture: Maria D'Angelo  

Maria D'Angelo (Masters, 1st year PhD)
dangelmc AT mcmaster DOT ca

I'm interested in the interaction between unconscious and conscious cognitive processes, for example how these interactions play out in learning and generalizing knowledge, particularly in the domain of medicine.

Supervisor(s): Dr. S. Watter and Dr. K. Eva


Juliana Loureiro-Kent (1st year Masters)
loureij AT mcmaster DOT ca

Supervisor(s): Dr. Scott Watter


Melena Vinski (1st year Masters)
vinskimt AT mcmaster DOT ca

Supervisor(s): Dr. Scott Watter


Ian Horbatiuk (1st year Masters)
horbatia AT mcmaster DOT ca

Supervisor(s): Dr. Scott Watter

HONORS THESIS STUDENTS 08/09 (past thesis students)
 with Scott   Juliana Loureiro-Kent (BioPsych)
    Becky McDermott (BioPsych)
    Anna Finkelshteign (BioPsych)
 with Karin   Justin Losier (Health Sciences)
    Hillary Kaine (Health Sciences)
    Meghan Louch (Health Sciences)
ext. 22853

Amy Beth Warriner (Website)
warrinab AT mcmaster DOT ca

ext. 22853
  Esther Manoian
esther AT mcmaster DOT ca

Picture: Judith Shedden

Office: PC 406

shedden AT mcmaster DOT ca

ext. 24345 (office)
ext. 24344 (lab)


Judith Shedden
Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh)
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Research Interests: Electrophysological research concerning selective attention. Current research focuses on attentional mechanisms of face processing, people learning, error monitoring, visual and spatial memory, and video game playing.

The Shedden Lab


Picture: Alex Sevigny

Office: TSH 322

sevigny AT mcmaster DOT ca

ext. 27661(office)


Alex Sevigny
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia, Department of French

Research Interests:
Multimodal Mìgmaq Comparative Corpus
Discourse Information Grammar
Neuroscience of Language
Macedonian Linguistics
Communication and Culture

Dr. Sevigny's Department Page