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news and known issues

SayWhen 0.9a beta
major issues
  • none known
minor issues
  • Issue: The last trial in a WAVE file isn't displayed.

    Work-around: Currently a quick work-around is just to copy the last trial (onset marker and speech) in a WAVE editor like Audacity and paste it to the end of the WAVE file. The first copy should be identified, and the second ignored.

  • Issue(s): (1) The waveform of the trial onset marker sometimes disappears when I move the purple marker.
    (2) Sometimes I can't hear the trial marker when I play a short section by right-clicking.

    Work-around: Both these issues are caused by the way SayWhen 0.9a beta merges the left and right stereo channels. A simple work-around is to simply try the operation again, only clicking on a slightly different section of the waveform. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the next release.

  • Issue: Spectral information sometimes isn't shown when I right click on the waveform.

    This issue only appears to happen after a certain point in the WAVE file. The source hasn't yet been tracked down, but is a very non-critical issue.
other notes
  • SayWhen 0.9a beta may appear to freeze when loading a WAVE file. The speed of the loading process will greatly depend both on the speed of the computer you're using for the analysis, and the size of the dataset. It may take several minutes to load a very large dataset, so please be patient. While SayWhen beta is loading and processing a dataset, it may appear unresponsive. Don't worry -- the screen will automatically update when it's done.