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SayWhen 0.9a beta
SayWhen is an algorithm designed for the accurate offline measurement of spoken voice onset times for behavioral experiments in cognitive psychology. SayWhen is like a Voice Key -- the most common voice onset measurement tool in use today -- except that SayWhen is far more accurate, and must be used afterwards on a recording of an experiment rather than as the experiment is running.

SayWhen is currently provided in the form of a Windows executable with a (slightly clunky) graphical user interface. It's freely available for download and use for non-profit research or educational purposes.

Saywhen is in BETA
Currently SayWhen is in beta. While under the hood the SayWhen algorithm itself performs quite well, it was important to us to develop not just a good algorithm, but also a graphical user interface to allow people to easily use it. The interface is functional but not without its bugs -- it's important to read the known issues list before using SayWhen.

The SayWhen documentation takes the form of a tutorial, and includes a sample experimental recording. Use this tutorial to become familiar with the use of SayWhen. It's available here.

SayWhen is provided as-is, without a warranty of any kind, and should be treated as experimental -- please back up your data before using it. The current version can be downloaded here. A more detailed license file is included with SayWhen, and should be read before use.

Related References
SayWhen was initially described in an article featured in Behavior Research Methods. Please cite this article when using SayWhen for your data analysis.

Jansen, P., and Watter, S. (2008) SayWhen: An automated method for high-accuracy speech onset detection. Behavior Research Methods, 40(3), 744-751.

Contact Us
It's great to hear from folks interested or currently using Saywhen. Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, or bug reports, at jansenpa [at] mcmaster [d0t] ca.