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Past Graduate Students

Liz Hart - Masters
Toddler Study

2007    Debra Pollock - Masters
Comparing Written and Spoken Errors in the Speech Production Process
Past Honours Thesis Students

Elizabeth Hall (BSc) - Physiotherapy, Toronto
The Effect of Differential Diagnoses on Care-Seeking Behaviour

Raageen Kanjee (BSc) - Medical School, Toronto
A Canadian Case of Foreign Accent Syndrome

Caillie Cipriano (BA) - Teachers' College, Western
Learning to Make Mistakes: An Investigation in Recurring Tip-of-the-Tongue (TOT) States in Fluent Speakers of French as a Second Language

Tabi Tse (BSc) - Teaching English, Korea
The Effect of Perceived Control on Attentional Biases for Body Shape and Weight-Related Words

Kevin Lam (BA) - Psycholinguistics, Netherlands
The Influence of Bilingualism on Executive Control

Amy Beth Warriner (BA) - Lab Coordinator, CogSci
Learning to Succeed: Reducing the Reocurrence of Tip-of-the-Tongue (TOT) States


Aislin Graham (BSc) - Psychology, Dalhousie
Does Eating Disorder Risk Predict How Attractiveness is Evaluated

Candace Boyd (BA)
The Parallel Processing of Concept Retrieval and Phonological Output

April Lee (BSc) - Psychology, McMaster
Skills Transference in Dance Dance Revolution


Andrew Cooper (BSc) - Psychology, Ohio State
Factors Affecting the Decision to Seek Medical Attention

Brian Herchuk (BSc) - MBA, McMaster

John Grundy (BSc) - Lab Manager, Shedden Lab

Laura Watson (BSc)
Language Improvements While Learning English as a Second Language

Anna Luu (BSc) - Speech Lang. Pathology, Toronto

Awil Tawil (BSc)


Heather Menzies (BSc)
The Learnability of Errors in Speech Production

Shannon Cardy (BHSc)
Speech Patterns Among Individuals with Autism

Calli Armstrong (B. Arts and Science)

2003/2004    Nevena Simic (BSc) - Psychology, Toronto
Voluntary Task Switching as an Independent Measure of Executive Control