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Has the description of our research intrigued you? Do your interests match up with ours? Are you looking for a place to gain some research experience or to pursue graduate education in Psychology? Then, here are several opportunities that might interest you.

Graduate Students
If you are interested in studying for a Masters or PhD at McMaster under Dr. Watter or Dr. Humphreys, check out the Graduate Studies website. Then contact them personally with an email that matches the criteria listed below.

Honours Thesis Students
As an Honours student in Psychology, Biopsych or Health Sciences, you have the opportunity of doing a year-long project culminating in a written thesis under the supervision of a faculty member. If you are interested in working with Dr. Watter or Dr. Humphreys, contact them at the beginning of January with an email that matches the criteria listed below. Note that they generally prefer to take on students who are doing a 9 unit thesis.

3QQ3 and 4QQ3 Students
A QQ3 is a semester long independent study whereby credit is earned for working in a Psychology lab. In our lab, QQs with a strong interest area may be assigned to work on a specific project, but generallly, they assist graduate or thesis students rotating through a variety of tasks from piloting tasks to running experiments to transcribing or analyzing data. The goal is to expose them to as much of the research process as possible. In our lab, you are graded on your participation, the quality of your contribution, and on the completion of a sample perstonal statement for applicatioin to grad school. If you are interested in doing an independent study lab in the Cognitive Science Lab, contact Dr. Watter or Dr. Humphreys with an email that matches the criteria listed below.

If you don't have room in your schedule to take a 3QQ3 or 4QQ3 but still want to gain some research experience, consider volunteering for the lab. Volunteers commit to working a minimum of 5 hours each week and are assigned tasks similar to those of QQ3 students. The scope of what they will be exposed to depends on what is happening in the lab during the time they volunteer. If you are interested in contributing to the Cognitive Science Lab in this way, contact Dr. Watter or Dr. Humphreys with an email that matches the criteria listed below.

Experiment Participants
We are always running experiments that require participants. We primarily utilize the undergraduate psychology pool, offering course credit in exchange for participation, however, on occasion we run experiments with specific eligibility criteria for which we compensate with cash. If you are interested in participating in our experiments and contributing to our ever growing body of scientific knowledge, feel free to contact our lab coordinator(s) to ask what opportunities might currently be available. If you are a McMaster student, log on to Experimetrix and look for experiments supervised by Dr. Watter or Dr. Humphreys.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Watter or Dr. Humphreys in any capacity, send them an email which includes the following information:

  • What position are you interested in?
  • Why are you interested in working with him/her?
  • What are your areas of interest?
  • Any prior research experience?
  • An unofficial copy of your grades
  • A CV or resume


Graduate Students
Honours Thesis Students
3QQ3 and 4QQ3 Students
Research Participants

Email Criteria


"The cognitive science lab is an amazing place to work on a project or thesis. Drs Watter and Humphreys are supportive supervisors guide their students through their learning, but keep a fun and casual atmosphere in the lab. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and highly recommended."
Tania Bartolo - QQ3

"The lab had a very welcoming atmosphere with many friendly
people. Even though I was only a volunteer I felt like I was entrusted with an important role and really felt "part of the team."
Angelina Krol - Volunteer